Howdy folks, and welcome to the new  "All My Projects" site......For the last 5 decades, I have split my time in thirds:  MUSIC, FARMING and WOODWORKING (not necessarily in that order) ............Can't breathe sawdust anymore and the garden will always be #1 ....... but on this page let's just talk music . What say?

I've got a few new projects on going, and a few old projects for you to checkout, it just seemed like it it was time to put them all together in one spot. 


"This Life Calls to Me" is a collaboration with the great Hartford photographer Jack McConnell. His photos of CT farmers have been made into a video that inspired my soundtrack.....I put my take on the farming life, drawn from more than 30 years of homesteading in Eastern CT.  Check it out on the VIDEO page. Soon to be the sound track on the CPTV series about CT Farms.


My current live gigging duo Collins & Bradley brings together two old high school buds (never got the chance to play together back then). We are exploring the vast americana/early country rock song book........and having a ball doing it.

The Electric Trains: what can I say....for over ten years we were New England's Transportation Music Specialists. Taking a break right now.....check out the page.

Hey here is a brand new, hot off the presses, project. This little number has been kicking around in my head for decades.....finally hatched it out on YouTube.                                                                        

 Big Al's Car 

Listen here!

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